HAZEGAZE is how we see the world. And for “we”, I mean the three of us.

Vy Le is a master of her own arts. Some may ask her “Girl, why you look so lost? Are you lost?” when they see her face, but she gives you visual designs that are out of this world. Without her, everything goes bland.

Uyen Nguyen luckily doesn’t look lost, but in fact, she is. Just kidding. She’s all cute and fluffy, but can always go deeper than the seven seas whenever she wants to. You’ll get blown away by the ideas in her works.

  Rosie is a housekeeper. She gets to keep all the shits here in order simply because the other two can’t handle the way WordPress works. Silly them, but more power to Rosie, yay.

For the record, we would have gone with The Powerpuff Girls if that one was not taken though. Sad.

Now that you are here, I hope you’ll have a good time with some of our good reads.