So I’ve just finished the entire series of the Jonas Brothers’ taking over of The Late Night Show With James Corden and was left with no regrets.

Swear to God, I was by no means obsessed or impressed with these three charming guys back in the days when they first launched their highly influential career with Disney Channel and Camp Rock. Yes, they were all good looking and talented, but there was something about their personalities and singing that weren’t outstanding enough for me.

However, like almost every other girls in my high school who had cable TV (a very sensational thing back then) at their home, I would watch Camp Rock all over again for almost no reason at all. My friends and I would rant on for days about the movies, the plots, the songs, Demi Lovato and who would have fitted her better, Nick, Joe or Kevin, and all of a sudden, the guys inevitably became a solid piece that painted up the big picture of my younger days.

Several years later, the last thing I heard of the Jonas Brothers was that they decided to, well, not being the Jonas Brothers anymore. One day, I saw Nick rambling on a motorcycle on a solo music video that he recently claimed, on the Jame Corden’s show, to be very-very-very-very successful (I’m not sure about that lol). Another day, I saw Joe rocking with his new band DNCE in a song that somehow managed to get stuck in my head for months, which was not quite pleasant at all. I’ve lost countless hours of my beauty sleep for it. At some points, I did feel like the name “Jonas Brothers” has been entirely washed out of my life, but then I forgot that God is always very generous in terms of giving out surprises and likes to prove me wrong.

Um, that’s enough reminiscing about the past, because for now, I finally get to enjoy this righteous and enthusiastic feeling for the first time in so long. The Jonas Brothers is back, and they bring a lot more to the table than just nostalgic delights and melodies.

They were being savage and hilarious on Side Effects May Include.


They were heartthrob charming throughout the chit chat, games and interviews.


And the singing?! You’ve gotta see it for yourself.


Have you ever reached a point when you have seen so many hours and videos during your marathon that you’ve got entirely dazed, but you are still totally ready to see more? Well, that wasn’t how I felt because I was dead tired though. But for me, it was pleasantly refreshing. It’s either the feeling of, “Oh wow, I’ve been missing out on so much. Where have you been all my life?”, or the moment you see how the boys from high school that you never found attractive, but frequently bumped into, have finally grown to be the men that everyone obsessively desires. The charm, the look, the distance they have gone to become a full package, not to mention their lusciously shining beautiful wives. But rather than feeling semi-jealous with those ladies, I was filled with a sense of pride and gratitude.

I’ve got to admit that not all the people from my childhood can have a chance to get to this point, where they could reunite with the people they have said goodbye to before, continue making fabulous music together again and settle down with someone who fits them so perfectly. This is definitely not the end of the road and life goes on, but it’s definitely something that we, fans and supporters always wanted for our beloved figures. At the end of the day, we are not only suckers for the people that we love, but also for their state of well-being, success and happiness.

For now, enjoy the latest sounds from the Jonas Brothers, and get haunted by the melody for the rest of your day.


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