Have you ever found yourself opening your laptop to do homework, but then somehow ended up binge-watching 3 Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theories in a row and got nothing done? Well, I have, in fact, almost all the time.

It’s not necessarily Shane Dawson’s fault. Sometimes when I write my paper or articles, I’d need to do my research on Google and if you’re a student, you’ve already been there too. I can articulate, for hours, on how Google is much greater than Bing or any other search tools. But anyways, I would go on an academic site, an online newspaper or magazine site to get resources, and as I was scrolling, some clothing ads pop up on the side as if they know what my wardrobe is lacking.

The next thing I know, I am already on their site, browsing and adding a bunch of stuff to my shopping cart. The next couple of hours would be me pondering on what pieces I really need and, most importantly, can afford. It is painful I am telling you. Or if it’s not for the ads, it’s the breaking news of celebrities that get me every time. Like this one time I was on GQ magazine for research purposes, ahem, of course, then this article on Cole Sprouse immediately caught my eyes before I even remembered why I was there. The next thing I know, I was on YouTube watching his interview with Ellen, and then onto “Jeffree Stars being savage for 1 minute straight”.

The struggle is so real.

Image by mattblease.

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