During the holiday season, people tend to spend for almost anything. From preparing for that glamorous feast on Christmas’ Eve and sleepless nights at the club to all the good deals from your favorite online stores, the fun definitely has to go on as your wallet gradually grows thinner.

Have you ever noticed how Christmas time tends to suck your blood dry than any other time of the year? Well if you do, this post is where you need to be.


Basically, Christmas makes us feel happy. A little too happy.

Just have a look at the beautiful settings on the streets or the Christmas Market downtown. Whenever you take a walk by, it almost feels like they are talking sweetly to our ears how the vigorous time has come. Your mind is immediately filled with images of yourself strolling down the streets in some pretty new clothes. “And oh hey, New Year is coming too, why not give myself a refresh?” Blonde hair, red dress, fur coat, nail set,… the thoughts go on.

Christmas also happens to be amazingly close to New Year’s Eve, with Boxing Day stuck in between. How fortunate, shall I say? Sales, sales, sales. Everywhere. The stress is even more real than sitting in exams with an empty mind. Good moods, nice prices. You just have to make the buy.


IMG_3478Overspending under the influence of emotions is understandable…

It is really not a crime to overspend whenever we feel happy, because feelings play a huge role in influencing the way we act. Sometimes feelings keep your status stagnant and low, but most of the time, they intensify you. I myself, used to enjoy throwing money out of the window whenever I felt sad, lonely, happy or excited for whatever upcoming. If I had nothing to do that day and had gone missing, you might find me strolling down shopping malls nearby my place and return with bags full of things. Usually they were clothes and accessories. If the weather was bad, they would be puffs and pastries.

So yeah, the thrills of spending under influence of moods is just undeniable. It is almost as satisfying as how good your food tastes whenever you feel bored.


IMG_3476… but what makes you feel good does not always do good.

However, just because something is understandable does not mean that it’s should be done, cause in the end, what make you feel good doesn’t always do good.

Those crispy chips surely bring you to heaven, but the fat it brings is by no means good for your health or your scale. The state of being drunk just makes you want to take in more and more, but afterwards all you are left with is a good throw up in the toilet and a full day of bad headache.

The same thing is applied to this case. Spending money during this time of the year makes you feel fulfilled and concluded than any other time of the year, but as soon as the season is over, you have to deal with the empty feeling of no longer being able to make the spend, or simply to enjoy that joyful feelings. In other words, you are addicted to the Christmas spending fever and you want something more.


When the bills come in, they will definitely stress you out. Have I mentioned that overspending could also happen under bad moods? Aside from that, even though there’s a lot of good deals going on for holiday season, don’t get yourself too into it. Some on sale products either have their price adjusted to give you a sense that they are great deals (happens a lot on e-commerce sites), are at low-quality or previously returned.


The world has already been caught up in so many issues already. Excessive buying would only make things worse.

Writing this post does not mean that I am capable of holding myself before the guilty pleasure of seeing discounts, but rather a little reminder to stay a wise consumer for myself and for you. When you have too many items in your closet (most of which you’ll never lay your hands on), you will eventually throw them away to make space for more new stuff coming in and hence, contribute considerably to the ongoing trash problem.

So yeah, if you don’t want to get yourself into troubles while also secretly do something nice for the world this Christmas, remember to treat yourself to a moderate limit, hold back the temptations of thinking with your heart rather than your head, and know when is too much.

Merry Christmas.


Content and Edit: Rosie | Design: Vy Le
Featured Image by Jean Jullien.


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